Tennis de table

8d79b6 bf9cfe4069d34c5db84b8c27e8e9d6ef mv2 d 2120 1414 s 2Contrary to other racket sports that may require extensive training, table tennis is fairly quick to learn. The benefits of table tennis are numerous, both psychologically and on the psychomotor level. In the first instance, we put the emphasis on the muscular development of the arm (the arm that hits the ball), and the back and legs (due to shifting the body). The child will equally gain much in terms of respiratory capacity and resistance training. This transformation doubles as progress in areas that are less visible: better coordination, higher acuity of the senses (sight, hearing, touch) for a better  spacial awareness, predictability, fluidity in movement, control of emotions, team spirit, respect for the rules, the adversary and the referee.