Improving access to social and health services for London Francophones

Health and social service partners are working together to improve support and access to services for Francophone clients through a Regional Francophone Community Health and Social Services Hub starting on June 4, 2018.

The hub will be an access point and source of information to help clients with service navigation as well as awareness of, and participation in culturally-sensitive activities and services. It will begin as a pilot in London Middlesex with the potential for expansion to other areas.
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Partners include:
Centre communautaire régional de London (CCRL), South West Local Health Integration Network, Addiction Services of Thames Valley, London InterCommunity Health Centre, Vanier Children’s Services, Erie St. Clair/South West French Language Health Planning Entity, Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex, and Réseau-Femmes du sud-ouest de l’Ontario.

Partners will ensure a regular presence at the hub's office during the Centre’s business hours, to offer information and referrals to available services in French. Health promotion through various workshops, activities and guest speakers will also be available.

The hub will be located at the Centre communautaire régional de London, 920 Huron Street, London, (519) 670-1996.

Through the hub, clients will be provided with information on services, referrals, or direct service offerings for the following:

  • Mental health and addictions services for young adults and adults;
  • Child and youth mental health services;
  • Women survivors of violence, abuse and trafficking;
  • Health system navigation and assistance;
  • Self-management of chronic diseases;
  • Assistance and programs for seniors and their caregivers; and
  • Public health.